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Selection of works involving book production, illustration, editing, and layout.

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That's What We Have for Today

Cover, illustrations, layout, and some comments in the final conversation of the book produced with poems by Luís Oliveira, released
by Chiado Books in 2021. Distributed in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, and Cape Verde, it can be found in various bookstores and online retailers.

“For beyond mentioning isolation and pandemic in words, reading this book made me realize how it speaks about today in countless ways. The gentle proposal of Luis Oliveira and Nilo Siqueira puts all of us at a turning point.
Between what was done and the choices for the future. It wasn't as if things depended on our action, because the impression
was that we slipped through everyday life, and that we were pushed to today, in a lobotomized insensitivity. 'Tick-Tock'.
These verses convey that, what can be chosen, lived, walked, worked, can already help in the path of being something
more than that determined thing from before. Luís's rhymes are full of flavor: I love it when meaning rhymes more than the word,

or when it repeats the word to multiply the meaning, or when it rhymes ending with the meaning it started. I wish the idyllic and magical life of these rhymes to face the challenges of reality. And about the illustration, I'm curious, often objects are defined and shaded,
and people are represented with a quite anarchic, rebellious stroke. I don't know if it's intentional, it would be equally interesting
if it were unconscious. After all, we are in this chaotic tangle of thoughts and attitudes, of intentionality and randomness.
Nilo has the ability to overflow with energy in each one. They didn't need to draw the microscopic details of the gaze to ensure expressiveness, and they also knew how to do it when it was appropriate. I would like to say, finally, that these pages allow divergence among artists, creating a wonderful fertile ground for their manifestation. And then the question arises about illustration as a visual act
of only representing what is written. Here it's something else. It's creative freedom and opinion, autonomy to combine, to question
and even, as they do here, to synthesize something entirely new.” - Danny Martins


The Shortest Distance Between Two Points is an Escape

Editor of the book by Gabriel Nascimento and João Henrique Belo, in collaboration with Eduardo Damasceno, 202.
Finalist for the Jabuti Prize 2022.

A graphic narrative in comics, with three timelines, stories, or truths, with each reading, one can arrive at different thoughts.
With the unique strokes of João Henrique Belo, soaring through the captivating narrative of Gabriel Nascimento, it encapsulates
the union of artists. I had the privilege of editing it alongside Eduardo Damaceno.


From the Risk of Being a Child

Edition of 21 books, artist's proofs, and prints, created during the Lithography Specialization at Guignard School, UEMG, in 2022, under the guidance of Nara Firme, defended and approved in 2023.


As part of the graduation process at Guignard School, my lithography project was grounded in a comprehensive study of child sexual assault prevention methodologies in early childhood education within the art studio. The aim was to derive precautions through
the cultivation of consent knowledge in schools and the creation of graphic narratives in printmaking on this crucial subject.

The resulting work, "Do Risco de Ser Criança," stands as an autobiographical journey towards healing, utilizing a range of lithographic techniques including tusche, lithographic crayon, cross-hatching, gum arabic isolations, and various acidulations.
This endeavor involved the use of nine stones and over 200 manual impressions, along with meticulous hand-sewing and cutting.

In tandem with the books, a 4.5-meter-long (approximately 14.8 feet) banner bearing the book's title was created,
also employing the lithographic process.

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